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Are you alright?
‘Cause you took off without a word
Are you alright?
You flew away like a little bird
~Lucinda Williams

Twelve days.

Twelve days since my beloved Mama took flight to another world another land, another time and space that I can only dream up.

Twelve days of picking up and the phone to call her, only to feel the sharp slap of reality in my face.

Twelve days of reorienting my world.

Twelve days of choosing love, which sometimes tastes like ice cream and feels like sunshine in my eyes.

Twelve days of opening my eyes and ears and heart to sensing the subtle presence of my Mommy.

Twelve days of feeling peace that in some way, shape or form, She is with my Daddy.

Twelve days to choose what I most stand for.

Twelve days of tears and laughter.

Twelve days to carefully tend to my heart.

A Twelve day crash course in all things life, loss, and love.
Because they’re all really the same, you know?