Are you willing to create a life you love?


You are here to know yourself & to expand your capacity for joy.

It’s truly that simple.

But often, it’s the simplest pursuits — like breathing deeply, standing tall, and sitting in silence — that take the most time, devotion & diligence to master.

And often, the right guide can make all the difference.

As a life coach, I’m here to help you figure out …


1. How to begin. It’s that simple and that complicated.
2. How to translate your passions into a lifestyle & career that makes sense —
and makes your heart sing.
3. How to develop a lifelong practice of personal development — and serve as a emblem of inspiration, for your friends, your family & your global community.

With nearly 10 years of experience as yoga instructor & international yoga teacher trainer, I use yogic philosophy as a powerful framework for personal growth.

You don’t have to be lifelong yogi to work with me (or even own a mat, for that matter). But be prepared for conversations on physical, mental & spiritual discipline … self-care & personal responsibility … and playful dream-stretching.

“I feel like a whole new person — not only confident, but excited and surprised. My whole perspective has changed and my future has just gotten so much more possible.” —Misty Pittman

After consistent work with me, I can promise …

: You will be tremendously clear about what you love, how you want to spend your days on the planet, and what brings you genuine happiness. The perfect life is sitting inside you, patiently waiting.

: You will be equipped with practices that will shift your day to day life. You’ll be blown away by the effects of consistent, compassionate self-care — mental, physical & spiritual nourishment.

: You will understand the fundamentals of yogic philosophy. You’ll have a new vocabulary & set of principles to help you understand your own motivations, make wiser decisions, and commit to your dreams.

: You will have  a PLAN (oh yes! action steps & all) that translates your passions and keeps you connected to your relaxed, responsive, awesome Self.

: You will feel GOOD. Really good. Enlivened, inspired & focused. (Friends will probably wonder what on earth’s gotten into you. Just tell them you’re  falling in LOVE or learned how to Breathe.)

“Working with you has changed my life dramatically. I have clarity I have never had in my life. I feel connected on emotional and spiritual levels that I have such gratitude for.” — Myra Smith

Let’s play with possibility …

My clients come from all walks of life — but each share of a sense of spiritual curiosity, a willingness to explore new possibilities, and a desire to impact the world in a profoundly positive way.

I connect with clients over the phone for hour long sessions. In between sessions, I’ll be percolating in & out of your life, with encouraging emails & practical reminders.

Most people enjoy working with me over the course of 5 – 10 weeks. Our pacing & intensity is entirely up to you. Pricing is simple and easy:: $125 for one session or $500 for five sessions. Of course,  if you love me and I love you and all sorts of crazy awesome things are happening with and for you, then we’ll continue to work together. Yes, that happens often.

To book your first session, fill out the coaching application, just below. I’m happy to have a 15-20 minute chat with you on the phone if you’d like. Just be sure to note that in your application and I’ll give you a ring. Sometimes it’s nice to hear a voice and know someone is actually there, yes? I’ll email you a link to make your payment and we’re off.

“Sharon is a compassionate coach, leader, and entrepreneur whose strength comes from her vulnerability and authenticity. I adore her blend of wise, grounding energy mixed with a fun-loving spirit. I mean who couldn’t love someone who throws spontaneous dance parties?! Plus, it’s amazing to see how Sharon has grown her business from teaching single yoga classes to opening a studio and leading retreats to training yoga teachers and growing her coaching practice. And she does all of this with grace and heart!” —  Jennifer Lee, best-selling author of Right Brain Business Plan

Here’s to finding a deeper purpose — and designing a richer life.


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“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” —Rumi