Creating Your Personal Retreat: A How To for Yoga Lovers, Busy Mamas, and Anyone Seeking MORE Joy

Creating Your Personal Retreat CoverAre you seeking an easy and accessible way to nourish yourself from the inside out? Yesyesyes!

Do you ever want to hop on a plane and jet off to a tropical paradise for a weeklong retreat? Or even escape to a hotel for the night to get some R&R? Ahhhhh.

Do you feel out of tune with yourself? Need guidance on how to get back to feeling more joy in your life? Amen. For the cost of a yoga class or a couple of fancy lattes you can have this e-Book, an ongoing tool to support you.

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The Gifts of Grief
October 10 – 17

GoG_courseCompassion, perspective, joy, self-love, wonder, understanding, trust, gratitude, humility, opportunity, transformation, connection……this and more…..these are the gifts of grief.

First thing each morning from October 10 – 17, an email with stories, meditations, reflections, and prompts around loss and love with land in your inbox. This is my gift to you. It will be simple, short, and sweet. This isn’t another “to-do” to put on your list but a gentle invitation to exquisitely care for yourself as you open up to receive the gifts of grief.

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A Sampling of Past Events

  • July 2006 – Yoga Retreat in Tulum, Mexico
  • July 2007 – Yoga Retreat in Tulum, Mexico
  • July 2008 – Yoga Retreat in Tulum, Mexico
  • July 2009 – Yoga Retreat in Tulum, Mexico
  • October 2009 – Weekend Retreat near Asheville, NC
  • July 2010 – Yoga Retreat in Tulum, Mexico
  • October 2010 – Yoga Teacher Training in Tulum, Mexico
  • November 2010 – Weekend Retreat near Asheville, NC
  • July 2011 – Yoga Retreat in Tulum Mexico
  • September 2011 – Yoga Teacher Training in Tulum, Mexico
  • January 2012 – Weekend Retreat at Shaker Village
  • April 2012 – Yoga Teacher Training in Outer Banks, NC
  • July 2012 – Yoga Retreat in Tulum, Mexico
  • September 2012 – Yoga Teacher Training in Sonoma, CA
  • March 2013, Weekend Spring Retreat at Shaker Village
  • March 2013, Teachers of Truth Online Course


PRAISE for my events & retreats

You are an incredibly talented teacher/facilitator and the learning process itself was highly organized, fun, creative and followed a pretty amazing progression. There was also a phenomenal process of integrating… ‘learning in layers’ with ‘self-exploration’ – that together were a very powerful combination.
Lauren McGrath

The days I spent with Sharon and the group were so healing for me. I spent my days doing yoga, reading, walking the beach, reflecting, and meeting people who were open, honest, and caring. Thank you Sharon for sharing your special gifts with me.”
Lisa Haskins

I encourage everyone to put Sharon’s retreat at Maya Tulum on their Bucket List – pure pleasure.
~ Carol Peach

I wish we could put you in a bottle and reproduce everything you bring to teaching. I have worked with many inspiring teachers in my over twenty years of teaching school, but you are the absolute model of balance and inspiration in teaching.
Sher Meyer

I have already found upon reentering my world at home, that I feel more aware and more centered than I ever have before.
Barbara Steinke

The most valuable part of the training for me was the opportunity to learn from a wise young soul, my teacher, Sharon. You radiate such a sincere love of everything Yoga and it made it so real for me, I wanted to soak up everything you shared. I love how you organized the training, the information covered, the practice, the sitting, the laughter, the poetry, the friendships, the sentimental moments and epiphanies. You made it all special, understandable, and joyful!
Lisa Rae Johnson

I really appreciate the way you wrap your arms and heart around every student and person that participates in your retreats and trainings. You have such a gift and you are so wise, wise beyond your years. You are probably one of the most soulful people I have the pleasure and gift of knowing. I am so honored and blessed and fortunate and grateful that you are in my life. What a gift this whole experience was emotionally and spiritually.
~ Myra Smith

The entire 5 hours flew by- it was so engaging and so freeing to experience the time with such wonderful women and a teacher who is so incredibly honest and humble.
Julie Ransdell

Sharon, I want you to know how blessed I feel to have the experience of our time together. I feel like everyday a memory comes up and something new clicks. I wouldn’t have guessed that the experience would keep on giving in such a rich way after the fact. Thank you so much for facilitating this! You truly have had a major impact on my life!
Cyndi Vannoy

Sharon is a person of strong integrity, and she has a beautiful, radiant energy. She is kind, supportive, a fantastic teacher and a professional. She is open to different points of view and inspired us to look within ourselves to find answers. She is also joyful and playful and a light, an enjoyable person to be around! A great guide and a lovely person.
Elizabeth Allen Giordano

Sharon’s genuinity, dedication, expertise, yogic living, and contagious contentment make me truly believe the yoga training field is her dharma. Her compassion, understanding, and heartfelt concern for every being’s holistic health and happiness truly inspired me during and following training. With a passion for yoga that shines brightly, Sharon taught us how to teach safely and positively, but also from the heart. She instilled in us that our job is of the utmost importance – as inspiring awakeners, we will now reach each of our future students with a genuine touch.”
Laura Whitaker