Creating Your Personal Retreat CoverAre you seeking an easy and accessible way to nourish yourself from the inside out? Yesyesyes!

Do you ever want to hop on a plane and jet off to a tropical paradise for a weeklong retreat? Or even escape to a hotel for the night to get some R&R?  

Do you feel out of tune with yourself? Need guidance on how to get back to feeling more joy in your life?  Amen.


A resource to help guide you back to your breath when you’re feeling overwhelmed. A guide that you can come back to over and over when you have ten minutes or a whole day to nurture your body, mind, and heart.

Through this e-Book you’ll:


  • Discover the reasons why you are in need of time and space of your own.
  • Give yourself permission to take time for yourself.
  • Be guided through a process for setting an intention for your retreat.
  • Identify what you need for support.
  • Create a sacred space for yourself and your time to retreat.
  • Identify obstacles in the way of retreating and create a plan that helps you enter with a calm and curious mind.
  • Craft your very own retreat or use the plans presented in the ebook. There are four to get you started: the Ten Minute Retreat, Two Hour Retreat, One Day Yoga Retreat, or the One Day Creativity Retreat. You can also mix and mingle them!
  • Explore the guided practices (everything from breathing exercises, how to do self-massage and creating a vision board!) as part of your retreat and for daily practices dedicated to your well-being.
  • Have fun using the pages dedicated for reflection. Imagine enticing prompts, juicy questions, identifying retreat challenges, discovering reasons to celebrate yourself, and more.

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“Sharon has crafted the perfect and perfectly doable “How To” for mothers and mompreneurs”

shelia“As a mother of two young children and a parenting and relationship coach to mothers with kids of all ages, I felt a resounding “YES!” inside when I read Sharon Tessandori’s “Creating Your Personal Retreat” e-book. Even for mothers who think retreat is never coming to them, Sharon, a new mama herself, has consciously created a beautiful way for each of us to learn new ways to care for ourselves. From the first words of wisdom in the “call to retreat” through to the inspiring personal note at the end, this practical, easy-to-read book is just the thing hardworking mamas need to nurture and nourish themselves. Where I call women to turn the care and compassion on themselves, Sharon has crafted the perfect and perfectly doable “How To” for mothers and mompreneurs seeking more peace, joy, and ease in their lives. A powerful encouragement to give ourselves permission to live a full life and design our own 10-minute, 2 hour, 1 day or creative retreat! What a gift Sharon is to the world, and what a great gift this would make for an expectant or new mother and certainly for the seasoned mama.”
Sheila Pai, A Living Family

“Sharon is a master at creating sacred space.”

jennlee-soul-portrait-sq“Whether you’re yearning for a day-long retreat or you just need a quick 10-minute break during your busy day to ground yourself, Sharon Tessandori’s “Creating Your Personal Retreat” has do-able tips that you can implement with ease and joy. Sharon is a master at creating sacred space infused with heart and I appreciate her intention setting process and her holistic approach to honoring self-care.”
Jennifer Lee, author of The Right-Brain Business Plan


Fitness instructor Jen Young wants this to be required reading for all of her clients and students

Jen-PirateThank you for this beautiful reminder that, not only is it ok to retreat during the course of your day, is vital to doing all the good work modern women are trying to create in the World. Even as a yoga teacher, I forget and fall into feeling guilty for taking any time away from business.

And, what a beautiful way to spend 10 minutes or 2 hours–nurturing and nourishing ourselves. Suddenly, time expands and I feel like there is more abundance of time when I slow down to drink in Life by connecting with my senses. I love the idea of making a space in my home, like the bathroom, a sacred place of healing ritual with self-massage.

I would recommend…no, I’ll have to require that all my clients and students download the Creating Your Personal Retreat Guide. It is a treasure of healing and expanding our Being.
Jen Young, Spitfire Fitness Arts

Download your e-Book today for only $14 and start creating your very own retreat from the comfort of your own home.